Some Internetspeak I’d Like To See Maybe A Little Bit Less Of In 2013



  • “[Weirdish/ridiculous/semi-revealing/”embarrassing”/”adorkable” question]? Asking for a friend.”
  • “[photo not of yourself] GPOY”
  • “GPOY” in general (any P of Y is probably G, you know?)
  • “Sorry not sorry”
  • “THIS” (plus variations: “THIS!” “THIS ->” “THIS THIS THIS”)
  • “[description of weirdish/ridiculous/semi-revealing/”embarrassing”/”adorkable” behavior you are engaging in]. Like you do.”
  • “[description of recent personal goof]. LIKE A BOSS.”
  • “Cosign”
  • “Because REASONS”
  • “Because [single-word REASON]
  • “Auto [whatever] reblog”
  • “[X] [Y] is [X]”
  • “truthbombs”
  • “realtalk”

Guilty of at least a few of these. I’ll try to cut back.